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Vendor Cisco
Exam Code 700-265
Full Exam Name Cisco Advanced Security Architecture for Account Managers
Certification Name Advanced Security Architecture Specialization
Technology Network Security

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Question: 21

Which protocol is used by the ACI fabric to learn the location of ESX hosts?

A. Council of Oracles Protocol
B. Link Aggregation Control Protocol
C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol

Answer: D

For CDP information to be available, ESX hosts must be configured to listen for CDP information and connected devices must be advertising CDP information. If CDP information is not available, confirm that CDP is enabled on the ESX virtual switch and physical switch.
http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&extern alId=1007069

Question: 22

What is the VXLAN source group field used for in an ACI fabric?

A. to distribute bridge domain information in the fabric
B. to identity IP subnets that are required for each application function
C. to identify- specific endpoints for each application function
D. to enable VMM repotting of virtual machine creation to the fabric

Answer: C

Question: 23

Which aspect of an endpoint group contract is optional?

A. Action
B. Subject
C. filter
D. label

Answer: D

Labels, which are used optionally to group objects such as subjects and EPGs for the purpose of further defining policy enforcement

Question: 24

Which two statements describe how an attachable entity profile policy enables external connectivity’? (Choose two.)

A. Associates internal VLAN pools to internal domains.
B. Associates external domains to attachment points.
C. Provides VLAN pool scope and maps external domains to leaf ports.
D. Provides VLAN mapping to physical spine ports.
E. Associates external VLAN pools to external VMM domains.

Answer: B,C

The ACI fabric provides multiple attachment points that connect through leaf ports to various external entities such as baremetal servers, hypervisors, Layer 2 switches (for example, the Cisco UCS fabric interconnect), and Layer 3 routers (for example Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switches). These attachment points can be physical ports, port channels, or a virtual port channel (vPC) on the leaf switches.

Question: 25

Which option describes the ACI fabric information that is contained in the proxy station table?

A. Addresses of all hosts attached to the ACI fabric.
B. Addresses of all hosts attached directly to the leaf.
C. Global cache of station endpoints.
D. Local cache of station endpoints.

Answer: A

Proxy Station Table contains addresses of ‘all’ hosts attached to the fabric
http://249459ec2cf8839ca4b8-2690f879103214107f979ba5105d745b.r47.cf2.rackcdn.com/ACI%20Architecture%20Details.pdf (See the table on the right on Page #25).

Question: 26

Which option describes what is included in the ACI VXLAN header with which all tenant traffic within the fabric is tagged?

A. Policy group (source group), forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), destination IP address group, and source IP address group.
B. Policygroup (source group) forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), load-balancing policy, and telemetry policy.
C. Flow mapping of endpoint groups to applications, Layers 3 external identifiers and leaf association of application profiles.
D. Destination IP address group source IP address group, forwarding group, load-balancing policy and telemetry policy.

Answer: A

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