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Vendor: Microsoft
Certifications: Microsoft Technology Associate
Exam Name: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Exam Code: 98-382
Total Questions: 39

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Question: 21

Which characteristic of the ring buffer is true?

A. It is backed up with a super capacitor.
B. It leverages a LIFO queue
C. A small portion of each SSD is allocated to provide persistent storage to support the ring buffer.
D. It requires users to customize several tuning parameters in the Cisco UCS Invicta management GUI to optimize its performance for the expected workload of the user.
E. It serves as a front-end cache to speed up data access.
F. It needs to be flushed with every write because a power outage results in data loss.

Answer: A

Question: 22

Which description of the program-erase cycle is true?

A. A process used by Cisco UCS Invicta to perform garbage collection on the SSD
B. A technique used by Cisco UCS Invicta to increase write amplification to improve write performance
C. A process where the Cisco UCS Invicta operating system runs a program to erase the entire SSD as part of the process of preparing it for initial use
D. A process where the Cisco UCS Invicta operating system runs a program to erase the entire SSD as part of the process of retiring it from use
E. A process where an entire page is read into the buffer, then the entire page is erased, and then the buffer is written back with any new or changed bits

Answer: E

Question: 23

Which two systems does Hadoop consists of? (Choose two.)

A. Atlas
B. Map reduce
E. A snowflake schema systems engine
F. Astar schema systems engine

Answer: B,D

Question: 24

Which settings must be configured on the management interface bond?

A. IP address, subnet mask, MTU,mode,and boot order
B. IP address, subnet mask, MTU, and mode
C. IP address and subnet mask
D. MAC address. IP address, subnet mask, and MTU
E. MAC address, subnet mask,MTU,and mode

Answer: A

Question: 25

Which statement about the creation of a new LUN when enabling LUN mirroring is true?

A. The new LUN must be created on a performance node.
B. The new LUN must not reside on the same scaling solution node as the original lun to be mirrored.
C. The new LUN mustreside on the same scaling solution node as the original LUN to be mirrored.
D. The new LUN must be created on a data reduction node.

Answer: B

Question: 26

Which three options are three functions of a Cisco UCS Invicta scaling system router? (Choose three.)

B. Error correction
C. Mirror protection
D. Replication
E. Host connectivity
F. Power fail data protection

Answer: C,D,E

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