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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

The System Administrator for a financial organization wants to register an XGS appliance to Site Protector. There are two SiteProtector Sites:
SiteProtector_1 in Strict mode has AgentManager_1 installed in it.
SiteProtector_2 in Compatible mode has AgentManager_2 installed in it.
The System Administrator has configured XGS SiteProtector Management policy as follows:

In which SiteProtector instance should this XGS appear as Active based on the above given that there are no other network issues?

A. XGS should be seen as Active in SrteProtector_2 only.
S. XGS should be seen as Active in SiteProtector_1 only.
C. XGS should be seen as Active in both SiteProtector sites.
D. XGS should not ba active in any of the SiteProtector sites.

Answer: B

Question: 22

When registering an XGS appliance to the SiteProtector, a System Administrator decided to use a strict cryptography level.
Which protocol is allowed in this configuration?

A. SSL v3
B. TLS v1.1
C. TLS v1.2
D. SP 800-131A

Answer: A

Question: 23

A System Administrator is preparing to manage an XGS appliance using the SiteProtactor System.
Which three management actions can be performed? (Choose three.)

A. Apply a snapshot
B. Restart the appliance
C. Configure Static Routes
D. Create a Firmware backup
E. Manage the Appliance SSL Certificate
F. Change the Flexible Performance Level

Answer: ADE

Question: 24

A Security Administrator wants to enable a block page to alert users when they attempt to access HTTP websites that are blocked due to a Network Access Policy (NAP) rule.
How should the Administrator achieve this?

A. Add a NAP rule with an action of Drop
B. Add a NAP rule with an action of Reject
C. Add a NAP rule that has an action of Do Not Inspect and then set the response object to Block Page
D. Add a NAP rule with an action of Reject (Authenticate) and then create a special user group that has a default action of Block HTTP

Answer: C

Question: 25

The System Administrator has discovered the XGS device is overloaded and is dropping legitimate traffic.
Which setting is likely responsible for this behavior?

A. Unanalyzed policy configuration
B. TCP resets – TCP reset interface
C. Fail Closed hardware bypass mode
D. LogDB response enabled on NAP rules

Answer: A

Question: 26

A System Administrator notices a large amount of bandwidth being used by one of the web application servers on an unexpected destination port.
Which method can the System Administrator use to review a sample of that traffic?

A. Add an event filter for the IP address in question and assign it a packet capture response
B. Start a capture after adding filters specifying the source IP address and destination port
C. Use the tcpdump command to generate a capture and specify the src host and dst port values
D. Create an NAP rule specifying the source host address, web application, and a capture response

Answer: B

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