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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

In which directory is the log4j. properties file for debugging an IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5?

A. Create the portal databases.
B. Review the system requirements.
C. Create users and groups in the LDAP or user registry.
D. Connect to a repository by using IBM Installation Manager to download the binaries.

Answer : D

Question: 2

Sam has been asked to set up the people Awareness feature in IBM WebSphere Portal.
Both IBM Sametime and WebSphere Portal share an LDAP Server.
Which step must Sam perform to help complete his assignment?

A. Add the Sametime server as a managed node in the WebSphere Portal cell.
B. Export the WebSphere Portal LTPA key, and then, import it into the Sametime server.
C. Add the IP address of the Sametime server to the trusted server lsit in the WebSphere portal.
D. Configure the AJAX proxy on the WebSphere Portal Server to allow communications with the Sametime server.

Answer : D

Question: 3

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Paul wants to create pages that will be formatted automatically with the same the page layout, portlets and portlet configuration.
Which of these should he use?

A. page template
B. formatting widget
C. copy and paste functions
D. Workspace formatting button

Answer: A

Question: 4

Jonathan plans to integrate external XML data using IBM digital data connector (DDC).
Which of these must he use to map the external XML data structure to the data attributes used by IBM Web Content Manager Design components?

A. a bean list
B. an XML DDC plug-in
C. a list rendering profile
D. a list rendering context

Answer: C

A list-rendering profile defines the set of attributes available in the beans that are contained in bean lists that a DDC plug-in generates. Furthermore, the generic XML DDC plug-in supports listrendering profiles to define the mapping between the XML data structure and the actual attribute values. You define this mapping by associating the attribute definitions in the profile with individual XPath expressions.

Question: 5

Which view displays selected builder inputs and their current settings for a generated element that is selected in the Application Tree or in the Design Panel?

A. Debugger view
B. Problems view
C. Properties view
D. Applied Profiles view

Answer: C


Question: 6

It’s time to update a portlet on the company IBM WebSphere Portal Server. Suzanne only has the
IBM Web Experience Factory archive left from a previous developer.
How can Suzanne make the needed updates by using this archive file and Web Experience Factory?

A. Change the preference file.
B. Import the Archive into the Web Experience Factory.
C. Extract the Archive, and disassemble the class files.
D. Make changes inside the archive file, and compress it again.

Answer: B